voyage en Angleterre 2018

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  • Day 4 : Thursday

    We were sad to leave our host families this morning. We spent amazing days with them and they all said we made a great effort to communicate every day and we were well-mannered. So our teachers were proud of us !
    The coach driver took us to London. We walked around Westminster and saw Big Ben (...)

  • Day 3

    This morning, we went to a famous private school for boys called Harrow School. It was very big and beautiful. We learnt many things about its history. John Lyon gave his property in order to build a school for poor families. We went to the 4th Form Room where a scene from Harry Potter was (...)

  • Day 2

    Day 2
    This morning, we visited the Natural History Museum which was impressive. We saw prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, birds, butterflies and other animals that exist today. It was amazing ! Then we ate our sandwiches in the picnic area inside the Museum.
    After lunch, we walked around the (...)

  • Monday

    Day 1
    We left Malakoff at 6:30 am to drive to Calais. When we arrived, we passed through customs. We took the ferry to Dover (where we had lunch). The crossing took an hour and a half. Some of us felt seasick because the sea was rough and it was windy.
    It was interesting to discover (...)