Day 3

This morning, we went to a famous private school for boys called Harrow School.
It was very big and beautiful. We learnt many things about its history.
John Lyon gave his property in order to build a school for poor families.
We went to the 4th Form Room where a scene from Harry Potter was filmed.
In the past, the conditions in schools were difficult. It was a school for poor people but then it became more and more famous, so rich people wanted their child to attend it. The director decided to make them pay.
The staff includes 400 employees and 100 teachers.
They wear special uniforms with a straw hat and the monitors wear top hats.
Their stadium is twice as big as ours in Malakoff.
In the past, teachers used to whip students as a sanction. Today, they are put on detention or they have to copy lines.
We saw a big assembly room with a lot of former students’ names such as Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Robert Peel.

In the afternoon, we drove to Watford to live the Harry Potter experience at the Warner Bros Studios. When we arrived, we were given "The making of Harry Potter passport" to complete during our visit.
We stroke the broomstick pose !
Everything was so impressive : the costumes, the make-up, the wigs, the accessories etc...
We realized that there had been a lot of work for the making of the films.
Some of us bought souvenirs like magic wands, t-shirts, mugs, Harry Potter books...
We loved it !

To be continued...