Day 1

We left Malakoff at 6:30 am to drive to Calais.
When we arrived, we passed through customs.
We took the ferry to Dover (where we had lunch). The crossing took an hour and a half.
Some of us felt seasick because the sea was rough and it was windy.

It was interesting to discover Canterbury and learn about its history, even if it rained a lot.
We had a good day and enjoyed ourselves.
We met nice students at the café and they were welcoming. They went sightseeing with us.

During our free time, we took many photos and we bought some souvenirs.

On the coach, we did a blind test and the "Froggies" team won !

Our guide, Rémy, is very nice and friendly.

Now, it is time to meet our host families.
We can’t wait !

To be continued...